My clothes get to hang out (Day 230)…

October 16, 2007


That, above, is my dryer (and that little striped piece of cloth at the bottom is my reusable anti-static dryer sheet). The clothes sitting in there are the last this appliance will see until Day 366 of my challenge because from now on, I’m hanging all my clothes on a drying rack instead.

This is another big change for me — I love my dryer and I hate stiff, crinkly underwear. On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing more comforting than pulling on a freshly cleaned, hot-out-of-the-dryer hoodie and tucking into some homemade mashed potatoes with lots of organic butter.

Plus, now that I’m barely using my iron anymore, it means there’ll be even more wrinkles to contend with.

One catch to this, though: I’m still going to use my dryer for towels and bed linens. If I was able to hang stuff outside to dry, I wouldn’t make this exception, but my condo regulations clearly state that we’re not allowed to hang anything off our balcony rail — and I’m probably not allowed to string up a clothesline in our courtyard, either.

Not hanging onto hangers (Day 219)…

October 5, 2007


I hate, hate, HATE wire hangers. Not only do they look ugly, they leave annoying little pockmarks on whatever you’ve hung on them — especially nice cashmere stuff — and they always rattle around and fall down to the closet floor at the slightest provocation, usually to someplace you can’t reach that’s covered in lint and cat hair and cobwebs.

Although some cities recycle wire hangers, Toronto doesn’t. And while my eco-friendly dry cleaners do take them back, there’s still a part of me that feels these things should never have been invented in the first place.

Plastic hangers are better in terms of form and function, but plastic itself as a material isn’t very eco-friendly, which is why I’m going to try to stick to wooden hangers from now on — hopefully used ones from Freecycle or Goodwill. Made from a natural source, they’ll last longer and apparently they can help prevent moth infestations, too!

Photo of wooden hangers nicked from this website.