Rain, rain, don’t go away (Day 341)…

February 4, 2008


TerraCycle is a very cool company — not only do they reuse milk jugs and pop bottles to package their Worm Poop plant food, they also turn old wine barrels into compost bins and rainwater collecting systems.

Now that I’m in a house with a garden, front yard and two decks, I’ll definitely need more than just leftover pasta water to keep all my greenery hydrated. So I’m getting a rain barrel like the one above and rigging it up to the bottom of my drain pipe, as this video demonstrates. I’m not sure where I’m going to find some extra cinder blocks to prop it up, but I do think I have some of that quarter-inch mesh wire leftover from when I constructed my compost bin (Um, OK, also, I think I can it’s safe to say that I never in my life thought I’d have extra quarter-inch mesh wire lying around the house … seriously, what have I become??).

Image from TerraCycle

Nighttime showers for my flowers (Day 207)…

September 23, 2007

As green as it seems on the surface to have a garden full of flowers, plants and trees, the downside is that a lot of species require watering every day to survive. While I’ve been able to invest in some indoor house plants that only need water every few weeks, the mini trees on my balcony need to be kept as saturated as possible. And although I’m already doing so with greywater — ie. what’s leftover after doing the dishes or boiling a pot of pasta — I’m now going to make sure I only water them in the evening, when the sun’s not out to evaporate any before it gets down to the roots.