Cones not cups (Day 213)…

September 29, 2007

ice cream

Thanks to Laura W for her suggestion yesterday, which was pretty much the cutest idea for a green change ever: Eating ice cream in a cone rather than a disposable cup. Granted, I’ve already pledged not to order any takeout food unless it meets all my local/organic criteria and I bring my own containers, but this was just such an original, simple thing to do, I figured I’d write about it anyway.

Of course, if you’re eating ice cream at home, you can just use a regular bowl or try baking some homemade waffle cones. But if you’re walking around on a hot, sunny day and hear the familiar Siren’s call of that little white truck, best to get it in a receptacle you can eat rather than one you throw away (and ask them to skip the paper napkin, too).