Bookmark this post (Day 296)…

December 21, 2007


I’m sorry, that photo is way too profane, especially during this season of love, tenderness and all that is G-rated. But man, did it ever make me chuckle. And it’s relevant, see, because today’s post is about bookmarks.

I’m currently halfway through The Know-It-All, one of the most hysterical and educational books I’ve ever read (yes, those two adjectives can sometimes appear together in the same sentence). It’s got so many fun facts I want to remember (like for example, did you know René Descartes had a fetish for women with crossed eyes?), so I’ve been folding down the corners of pages I intend to go back to once I’m finished.

The only problem is, it gets confusing when I’m also folding down the page I’m currently on, which may — or may not — have something in it that I want to remember later.

OK, admittedly, I just made it sound way more confusing than it actually is, but I do prefer having a real bookmark. There are so many nice varieties out there, too: demure paperclip-style ones, old-school leather ones, dorky Garfield ones and, my personal favourite, these knitted strawberry ones!

But in my quest to stop buying so much crap, I’m going to only use found bookmarks from now on, that is, pieces of scrap paper like subway transfers, concert ticket stubs and postcards. Still, I’d like to get as creative as possible, so if anyone has any crazy origami patterns they want to pass on or some ideas for crocheting leftover scarf yarn, please do share below!

Photo courtesy of two rabbits on Flickr

These boots are made for licking (Day 274)…

November 29, 2007

shoe polish

Today was one of those sad days when I realized it was time to drag out my winter boots from the back of the closet. It’s finally cold enough in Toronto that my tootsies are demanding more coverage than just an old pair of Converse; unfortunately, the alternatives include a salt-stained pair of brown Uggs or a salt-stained, dusty and cobweb-covered pair of black leather boots (wearing these, by the way, does not violate my no-leather rule because I already owned them and am just reusing).

Now, when it comes to getting salt off suede, I’m not sure what the most eco-friendly way of doing that is, so if anyone can offer a suggestion, please do! I’ve tried a salt-stain remover already, but it seemed to just be spreading it around, and plain water isn’t doing much either.

But when it comes to polishing the leather boots, I have Treehugger to thank for this great suggestion: Pozu’s edible shoe polish. One major downside is that this brand is only sold in the UK. So because the carbon cost of shipping it across the pond is far too great, I’m going to try and make my own natural shoe polish using their main ingredient, coconut oil.

As I’m quickly discovering, coconut oil is right up there with baking soda and vinegar as one of the essential all-purpose items in any certified hippie’s toolbox. Olive oil would probably work, too, but I think coconut smells nicer and it’s more solid in consistency. I haven’t tested it out yet, but am just about to, so I’ll post a little update in the comments section to let you all know how it turned out.