Enough stuff for fluff (Day 336)…

January 30, 2008

sweater stone

It’s so persistently cold these days that I’m basically just wearing the same three sweaters over and over again. Unfortunately, some of them are starting to look pretty sad. Aside from being all misshapen and lumpy, they’re accumulating lots of those annoying little pilly bits.

Well, devoted reader Anna-Maria was kind enough to forward me the link to this thing called a Sweater Stone, which removes fluff from your wool, cashmere, angora or whatever type sweater. (Actually, she said “jumper”, so I’m guessing she’s British — those folks across the pond always have way better names for things, like pudding, regardless of whether or not dessert is actually pudding, and Spotted Dick, a kind of pudding made from cake, custard and raisins. Whenever I go up to Whitburn to visit my dad’s parents, I always order “Spotted Dick, hold the spots.” But I digress.)

Anyway, it’s made from all-natural pumice stone and means there’s no need to take it to the drycleaners or bother with rolls of tape.

However, in my case, ordering one of these means a fair amount of carbon in terms of shipping, so I’m going to be extra eco-friendly here and simply pick off those pesky bits of fluff by hand or with my tweezers.

In lint condition (Day 247)…

November 2, 2007


Now that I’m not using my dryer as often, there’s less lint building up in the door trap. But what I always forget about is that annoying other trap, hidden by the vent that comes out the top end of the dryer, supposedly to protect the ducting, like some just-in-case kind of filter, which I don’t really understand — I mean, why can’t we have one stupid thing to empty instead of one stupid thing and another, harder to reach stupid thing?

Either way, my green move today is to deal with my lint. For starters, I’ll be emptying the secondary filter on a more regular basis, both to ensure the air is flowing easily and to prevent crazy lint fires; and secondly, I’ll be feeding the lint to my dear little worms in the compost bin on my balcony (providing they haven’t frozen to death yet… after all, it’s getting pretty cold here in the Great White North).

By getting the lint sitch under control, I’ll be breathing cleaner air and creating less waste, which counts as green in my books.