Lemon loving for my love seat (Day 351)…

February 14, 2008

As some of you might remember, I bought this wicked-hideous love seat a little while ago from a U-Haul dealer, which I’ve put in my new office to go with the retro theme. The arm rests needed polishing but I didn’t want to get any neurotoxic crap like Pledge and couldn’t really buy any new product without running into plastic, so I looked on the World Wide Interwebs for a good homemade recipe.

This site had some pretty cool suggestions, so in the end, I decided to whip up a concoction of lemon juice, jojoba oil and a splash of white vinegar, then took a dish rag and gave it a rub.

I’m not sure it did very much. Here’s the before photo:


(Excuse my feet). And here’s the after photo:


I don’t know. I mean, I guess it looks cleaner — and there was definitely a lot of dirt that came off on the rag — but it’s not exactly shining. Maybe I should put more oil? Or use olive oil instead? But apparently that can go rancid in the summer or something.

Well, either way, it’s still better than spraying it with petroleum.


P.S. Happy stinkin’ Valentines Day. Remember, coconut oil before K-Y!