Staying on track (Day 214)…

September 30, 2007


Who doesn’t like a good shortcut? I mean, really, why bother taking the hour-long scenic route to the ice cream parlor when you can just make a quick left, hop over the median, crash through some bushes, pull a quick U-turn and be there in five minutes?

Well, actually, it seems Mother Nature isn’t so fond of shortcuts.

Obviously, careening an SUV through someone’s rose garden isn’t very green, but neither is straying from a designated path while hiking up a mountain or walking in the woods — you might be trampling a microscopic ecosystem, killing off essential organisms or contributing to soil erosion.

So despite my impatience and punctuality issues, I’m going to make sure that from now on, I stick to the path whenever I’m walking through Trinity Bellwoods, going for a run in High Park or hiking around Algonquin (which I’ll be doing next weekend). Maybe I’ll even stop to smell a few roses… as long as my allergies aren’t getting to me.

Photo courtesy of me, taken while on a hike up Tunnel Mountain in Banff