Silver goes green (Day 267)…

November 22, 2007


In the midst of cleaning out all the junk under my bathroom counter (people at open houses can be pretty snoopy — I am, too, actually), I found lots of silver jewellery that had been sitting unused, getting tarnished and dusty. I still like all of it, though, and am not quite ready to give it away or toss it out, but it definitely needs a good polish.

Instead of using a solvent like Twinkle or Tarni-Shield, however, I’m going to go the green route and try boiling it in a pot of water with some baking soda and tin foil. I’m not quite sure how this works on a molecular level (Rhett, maybe you can explain for those of us with itty bitty left brains?), but the hippies seem to think it’s just as effective and far less toxic. At the very least it’ll be less abrasive than that Scourmaster up there.

Image courtesy of these highly polished folks