Chopping broccoli, before processing it (Day 243)…

October 29, 2007


Remember that old Saturday Night Live sketch where Dana Carvey belted out a power ballad about chopping broccoli?

Well, if not, watch it here. If so, you’ve already picked up on the subject line of this post and I can go on to explain:

Because Ontario veggies in the fall mostly consist of potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, cabbages and squash, and I’m not able to cook any of this in my oven, I’ve been making a lot of soups lately. As well, my visitor — who’s gone back to Portland, now — has turned me on to smoothies in the morning. Both of these require a food processor (well, not all soups, but most definitely all smoothies), and I happen to have a small, wand-shaped one that’s pretty eco-friendly in that it can be set on low speeds and afterwards there’s very little cleaning involved.

But the less that gets chopped up in advance, the more blending that’s required after. So from now on, I’ll be slicing and dicing my ingredients as thoroughly as possible before calling upon electricity to finish the job off.

Photo courtesy of CoolThinker on Flickr