A green Halloween, part one (Day 235)…

October 21, 2007


Today will be the first of two posts on how I’m greening my Halloween, often one of the worst holidays in terms of its ecological impact. In a couple hours, I’ll be hopping on my bike and heading over to a friend’s house for his annual Punkinpalooza carving competition. He has a live band playing on his porch, lots of harvest-time food and an official judging panel.

It should be lots of fun, but at the same time I’m not really comfortable with taking a knife to a gourd unless I know it won’t be wasted. While a lot of people do make an effort to toast the seeds, not many folks actually eat the pumpkin after it’s been sitting outside on the front steps with a melting candle in it all night.

But I’m going to make sure I not only eat the seeds from my pumpkin — which I can toast in a frying pan, as I don’t have access to my oven — but the meaty innards, too. They’ll be perfect for soup, or fried up with some other root veggies and lots of olive oil. I just hope the kiddies who come to my door on the 31st will appreciate homemade organic pumpkin purée in reusable Tupperware containers (just kidding).

Image courtesy of this website