A fantastic elastic idea (Day 311)…

January 5, 2008

elastic ball

Steve Ottridge, from Vancouver, wrote to Green as a Thistle with this idea:

“I save all the little rubber bands that come around my newspapers in the morning. Interestingly the Globe comes with 2 or 3 bands whereas the Post has but one band. About twice a year, I leave them all for the carrier and he reuses them for the next [period of] time (I leave them all for the Post carrier because he uses the least).”

Well, I have to say, for all the wrong my newspaper does in terms of the environment, it makes me happy that we’re finally doing something right. I mean seriously, Globe and Mailmultiple elastics? (On a side note, I’ve heard the Globe also gets delivered in a plastic sleeve each day — boo!)

This idea of collecting rubber bands, though, makes for a perfect Simple Saturday change. I’m not sure that I’ll bother giving them back to the carrier, unless he or she expresses a real interest in this, but I’m sure I can find some use for all of them. Maybe I can make one of those giant elastic balls à la Pee-Wee Herman (oh wait, that was a tin foil ball), or bring them into the office and fling them at Terence Corcoran when he’s not looking.