A ref-f-freshing f-f-face wash (Day 306)…

December 31, 2007

cold tap

Sometimes, I’m a little sneaky when it comes to this green challenge. I’ve already pledged to wash my clothes in cold water, turn down the temperature on my water heater and take lukewarm showers. But all this time, I’ve been quite content with the hypocrisy of then using warm or hot water to wash my hands before meals or my face before bed.

Finally, though, I’ve decided to take the cold plunge and start restricting myself to only the most frigid water when it comes to these ablutions — I won’t even go near the left-hand tap, I promise!

Because my hands are permanently cold, even in the summer, they shouldn’t mind too much. But there’s something icky about splashing icy water in my face at night. It’ll probably feel refreshing, but also wake me up, which is not what I want when I’m about to crawl in bed.

Oh, and to make up for my sneakiness, I’ll even throw in another cold water commitment: when it comes to washing dishes — you guessed it — I’ll be using 100% f-f-f-freezing H2O.

Photo courtesy of image monkey on Flickr (because a Google Image search for ‘cold water’ turned up a bunch of lousy clip-art and this bizarre photo)