Down to the core (Day 241)…

October 27, 2007

apple core

This one goes out to Patsy Telpner, who remembered my new Simple Saturday feature and thought up a great idea for it: Whenever you eat an apple, eat the core too (just not the seeds, what with the cyanide in them and all). This is a rule that I’ll also be applying to pears, and as many fruits and veggies as possible — I’m going to eat the stems of my broccoli and asparagus (my sister and I actually like to trade stems-for-tops with these ones), as well as the skins of my potatoes, the stringy bits of celery, the innards of cucumbers and zucchinis and the seeds in my squash.

Of course, I might have to leave some food scraps for my worms — what else are they for, anyway?

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