Have yourself a hairy little Christmas (Day 277)…

December 2, 2007

I’ve already written about my various green hair-removal techniques, but now, I’ve decided to take things one step further now and not shave my legs anymore. This may sound like another move only a card-carrying hippie would make, but in reality, it’s not that extreme. My leg hair is very fine; even if it’s half an inch long, you can only see it if you get close-up (and let’s be honest, not many people are going to be staring intently at my gams anytime soon). Plus, it’s winter — a huge dump of snow just landed in Toronto so it’s officially pants weather, and if I wear a skirt, I’ll also wear tights. This will save using up my razors, my shaving cream, a sink full of water and the extra moisturizer I’d apply after. It’ll be a hairier Christmas than usual, but at least I’ll have another layer of warmth.

Save fish a drink, shave in the sink (Day 208)…

September 24, 2007

razors by the sink

Whenever I go on vacation with my sister, she always lets me shower first because I take about five minutes — she takes at least 20. Now, I honestly don’t think I could spend 20 minutes in the shower if I tried, so I often ask her what on earth she’s doing in there for so long. She usually offers a vague response (typical of most people who take long showers), but I’m pretty sure that at least half the time is spent shaving.

Because I’m not a hairy person, I usually only need to shave every couple weeks — and I do so, of course, with my Preserve recycled razor and natural shaving cream (actually, as it turns out, this product has some not-so-cool ingredients like Methylparaben and Propylparaben in it, so when it’s finished I’ll be switching to something else).

Often, I’ll shave after a bath and use the water left in the tub, but now that I’m done with baths that’s not an option. Rather than go about this beauty regimen in the shower, however, I’m going to shave in the sink. I’m guessing that filling it up once — with cold water, naturally — will use less than letting the tap trickle the whole time, but perhaps I’ll experiment a bit and see.

Photo courtesy of stay classy internets on Flickr