Lending a pushing hand (Day 357)…

February 20, 2008

a pushing hand

OK, confession time: You see that little tagline up there, underneath the Green as a Thistle banner? That bit where it says I’m gonna try to be green without being smug about it?

Well, I have to say, the past few days I’ve been sitting here listening to the sound of car tires spinning (I’m back in the city, by the way, after some technical difficulties); and while a more earnest environmentalist might hear such a noise and think, “Oh no! All that pollution going up in the air for nothing! I better run out and give that poor driver a push!” (Earnest people speak with a lot of exclamation points, by the way), I’ve been quite content to sit inside, minding my own car-free business, shaking my head back and forth and tsk tsk tsk-ing that if only people would stop driving cars, we wouldn’t have this problem.

But this isn’t right. I’ve been stuck in that situation and I know how frustrating it is — not to mention the embarrassment that’s suffered as everyone walks by on the sidewalk, staring pitifully as you attempt to gas, brake, gas, brake, gas, brake, rocking back and forth to no avail as the exhaust pipe spews toxic fumes all around. It sucks. Period.

So now, instead of judging, I’m going to put my coat on, go out there and help push these poor folks out. If it’s a Hummer, I’m not gonna lie — there may be some purposeful hestitation. But most people on my street drive Volvos and Volkswagens, so it should be just fine.

Photo pushed all the way from rachsnedic on Flickr

Snowpants, not snow ON pants (Day 353)…

February 16, 2008


For some reason, the City of Toronto decided to not plow residential streets this winter until it got ridiculous, which is driving a lot of homeowners crazy. I mean, it’s one thing having to be responsible for your own patch of sidewalk, but the road itself? Come, now.

Of course, add to this the fact that we’ve had more snow this year than in the past two years combined, with another huge dump expected tomorrow, and, well, you’ve got one messy city. All it takes is a walk to the end of the street and you’re covered up to the knees — maybe even your tushie if you fall as often as I do — in slush, salt and dirt.

Which is why, for my Simple Saturday change, I’m making sure no matter what pants I’m wearing, no matter how dorky it looks, that I tuck the bottoms into my boots. This also applies for when I’m riding my bike — pants, or at least my right pant leg, will get wedged into a sock or held together with a reflective band so the chain grease doesn’t get all over it.

This means I’ll have to wash my pantaloons less often, and will thus be conserving water and detergent.

Bon weekend, everyone!

Photo courtesy of Zeke Optimo on Flickr