Microwave goodbye (Day 12)…


All right, it’s confession time: I don’t actually own a microwave, so this post may be viewed as a bit of a cop-out because rather than doing something green, I’m not doing something un-green. Er, yeah.

Still, I think I deserve some points for this. Almost everyone I know owns one of these things, but upon moving into my apartment and going shopping for kitchen stuff, I just got applianced-out and decided I’d find some other way to heat up my food.

But people are always shocked to hear this, as though it were akin to not owning a closet or a television (actually, my friend Meghan doesn’t own a closet or a television, and as far as I know she’s still sane … although, she does live in very close proximity to CAMH).

The first question they ask is how I manage to reheat leftovers (answer: I don’t have many, and when I do, I use this crazy device called an oven); the second question they ask is how my life could possibly be worth living when I can’t have microwave popcorn (answer: believe it or not, you can still make popcorn on the stove — in fact, here’s a great recipe for a spicy-sweet cinnamon variety).

Also, I think I read somewhere that you can get cancer from standing in front of a microwave. I’m sure it was a very reputable, scientific source.

Oh, and P.S. Don’t worry Chris, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing posts like “I’m giving up whale meat — for good!” any time soon.

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13 Responses to Microwave goodbye (Day 12)…

  1. Fleeced says:

    Microwaves are one of the most energy efficient appliances out there… how do you consider it “green” to not have one?

  2. Lori V. says:

    Fleeced, you beat me to it! Vanessa, you should be BUYING a microwave to go greener.

    According to The Union of Concerned Scientists: “Microwaves are actually environment friendly devices compared with conventional ovens. Because a microwave only uses one-third of the energy of a conventional oven, it allows you to cut down on your consumption of electricity or natural gas. Because it throws off less heat into your kitchen, you will also keep your kitchen cooler… The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has estimated the relative costs and energy use of different methods for cooking the same casserole. What would take an hour in a 350-degree electric oven takes only one-quarter of that, or fifteen minutes, in a microwave. The difference in energy used and expense is even greater–2.0 kilowatt hours and $0.16 versus 0.36 kilowatt hours and $0.03.” (The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Enviornmental Choices)

  3. Lori V. says:

    BTW, I am *SO* jealous that Canada’s green energy source has a cool freakin’ name like Bullfrog Power. All we get in my neck of the woods is Green Mountain Energy. Damn the uncreative! LOL!

  4. JKelly says:

    I was beaten, too! Microwaves use less energy to reheat things. It is greener, however, to not microwave your socks in the morning a la Courtice.

  5. I am perfectly sane… as far as I can tell at least. no television, no closet and also no mircowave. and I think you live in equal proximity to CAMH

  6. gettinggreen says:

    Hold up, hold up! Let me defend myself here — the thing is, I RARELY use my oven to reheat leftovers. Like, truly rarely. The only thing I ever even heat up to begin with is soup and stirfries, which are both done on the stove. Usually the only thing going in my oven is fish, and I can’t justify getting a microwave to cook fish.. yuck. Does this make sense, then? Or should I be going out to buy a microwave?

  7. Don’t know the stats but what I do know is the less appliances you have plugged in the better. I fully agree with Vanessa on banning the microwave. From a health persepctive- do we really need to use a device that sends more harmful waves into our overloaded bodies? Do we really need an appliance that scrambles the DNA of our food or burst the little water molecules in the heating process rendering our food virtuatlly foriegn and nutrient deficient to the body. Short of using an open flame, on a fire you built out back, there is no energy free way to heat food- but perhaps reheating food saves our own energy in not having to cook as often and not creating waste by tossing very good food.As well- one could argue to go room temperature or eat it cold but from a holistic perspective- reheating food, mixing it around- doing something to it rather than eating it right out of the fridge re-energizes the food. I stand by you with the ‘No Mircowave” rule.

  8. Lori V. says:

    I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve. From a holistic standpoint, perhaps the microwave is evil. But if your objective is energy conservation, using a microwave more often than conventional oven is definitely better, IMHO. Somewhere in the middle is the use of convection ovens, which is what we do most often; we don’t use our microwave terribly often, either. 🙂

  9. Jak says:

    i think your right on with the microwave ban. i don’t own one either. if i must heat something up i use a toaster oven. im thinking this is the best compromise for being green and holistic.

  10. Nickelking says:

    I’m all about the toaster oven, I try and use it more often than my microwave and oven combined. (Easy when making meals for one.)

    Now if only it was easier to find cookware that fit into it!

  11. RedMolly says:

    Our microwave gets regular workouts to thaw frozen foods (buying in bulk=less packaging and fewer trips to the store, and a full freezer consumes less energy, right?) and steam fresh vegetables–I think it does a much better job in less time than the stove.

    And as far as I know, there are no peer-reviewed studies showing damage from the magnetic fields produced by microwaves (or cell phones)… just because something’s “technological” doesn’t mean it’s dangerous.

    But of course, to each her own… if you don’t already own something and you’re happy without it, it’s probably the greenest choice just not to buy it.

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